A Happy, Healthy Family


I am a wife, mother to three young children, and health enthusiast. As a former ballet dancer, I have always had an interest in fitness and nutrition, although my journey to what it means to be a healthy eater was a long one.

When both of my children showed sensitivities to dairy and soy as infants, I had to go on a diet eliminating both ingredients from everything I ate, as I was adamant about continuing to breastfeed them. Because dairy and soy are in just about everything we eat, I really had to read food labels and find recipes to make most of our go-to processed foods from scratch.

As I learned more about how food affects our health and how many chemicals are in everything we eat, I developed a passion for cooking clean, mostly plant-based meals.

I have overhauled our family's diet in the past few years and have seen the positive effects a plant-based, made-from-scratch eating plan can have on health. I encourage others to make similar lifestyle changes toward a happier, healthier family.

Member of the American Nutrition Association

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