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Back to School: What's for Lunch?

Back to school means back to lunches away from home. Do you pack your kids' lunches (or your own if you're a teacher), or do you send money to buy a cafeteria lunch?

If you don't send a packed lunch, give it a try! It's easy to pack the night before or even set up an entire week's worth of lunches on Sunday night, and what you send from home will be so much healthier than what your kids are most likely to choose at school.

Here are a few ideas to get you started. With all of them, send water as your kids' drink, and don't feel like you have to include a "treat" like cookies, chips, or goldfish. That's a bad habit you don't want to instill in your children. 

Train them to view yogurt or fruit as a dessert and pretzels or popcorn as a salty treat. It's not depriving them or being a mean parent--it's providing them them with proper nutrition, which is much more important for those long days at school than a sugary treat.

If your kids are old enough to read, have them choose ideas from the list and pack their own lunch; they're much more likely to eat their lunch if they've chosen what's in it (and it will save you some time in the morning).

If you have tiny kids who are still in preschool and just need a snack each morning, you can still use my list. Depending on how much they'll eat, just choose from the entree list or choose an entree and a fruit.

Here's another wonderful site with many more healthy, unprocessed lunch ideas:


So what are you packing for lunch this year? I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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