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Dairy-Free Hummus and Chive Smashed Potatoes

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Our family loves potatoes in just about any form, but one of my favorites is smashed. Yes, I am a definite member of the smashed-over-mashed potato team. I don't want super-smooth, whipped potatoes. I want them chunky with just a little creaminess, and I want to see potato skin.

Smashed potatoes are so easy to make, but they can quickly become unhealthy with the addition of butter, sour cream, cream cheese, shredded cheese, or whatever else you're using to make them a little creamy.

So when I stumbled upon the idea of using hummus to make potatoes creamy, I was intrigued. It had never occurred to me to pair hummus and potatoes, but it sounded like it would work. Now, hummus is not a fat-free food, as it's basically a mixture of chickpeas, oil, and tahini, but it is definitely healthier than the saturated fat-loaded dairy option in most smashed potatoes.

As I've mentioned before, you can make your own hummus fairly easily, but if you're buying it, read the label very carefully. Most hummus is made with soybean oil, so you want to look for one with olive oil instead. If you can find an organic hummus, that's usually where you'll find olive oil as an ingredient.

This recipe uses red potatoes, which are my favorites, and be sure to include the skin--that's where most of the nutrients reside! Red potatoes are a healthy source of fiber, vitamin C, folate, and B6.

These smashed potatoes are so simple to make, were a hit with the entire family, and are delicious hot or cold; in fact, they would be a great dairy-free alternative to potato salad at your next cook-out.

Note: If you don't already own a potato masher, get one! I have one like this and use it all the time for more than just potatoes. It does a great job mashing bananas for muffins and breads as well!

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Dairy-Free Hummus and Chive Smashed Potatoes
You'll never miss the dairy in these creamy, savory smashed potatoes. They're perfect served hot or cold!
  • 12 red potatoes, quartered
  • 3/4 c hummus
  • 1/4 c chives, minced
  • 1/2 t sea salt
  • 1/2 t pepper
1. In large stockpot, boil potatoes for about 10 minutes or until fork tender. Drain, then return to pot.2. Add hummus to pot, then smash hummus and potatoes together with potato masher.3. Stir in chives, salt, and pepper.
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 6-8 side dish servings


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