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5-Minute Hummus Veggie Wrap

Lunch around here usually happens in a rush--we've been busy all morning, and then it's noon and the children are hangry. I prepare a healthy lunch for them and then rush to get something on a plate for me so that I can eat with them.

Recently I've been making these super-easy hummus veggie wraps that take mere minutes to throw together but are so satisfying and healthy. You could customize them any way you like to change up the flavors throughout the week!

**A note about hummus: I have experimented with making my own hummus, but during this season of life, it's something I buy more often than not. If you are using store-bought hummus, be sure to read the ingredients and choose a product made with olive oil, not soybean or canola oil.

We love this organic hummus from Trader Joe's.

5-Minute Hummus Veggie Wrap
Print Friendly and PDF Yield: 1 serving

whole wheat tortilla (1/2 to 1 per person, depending on your appetite)
2 T hummus
handful of organic baby spinach
carrot and red pepper strips (or any other veggies you would like to include)
1 T crumbled feta

1. Spread hummus on tortilla.
2. Top with veggies (I suggest spinach first and feta last).
3. Wrap and enjoy!

It couldn't be any easier!

To make the same lunch for everyone, try a "deconstructed" version for little ones. Serve a hummus roll-up (tortilla spread with hummus and rolled up) with the veggies and feta on the side. The smaller wrap is easier for little hands to hold.


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